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"Choice, even in a small child, presupposes a long series of experiences." Dr. Maria Montessori

About us
The success of our school is the result of the quality of our program and the mature professional staff we choose, and the realization that all children deserve the greatest respect, loving care, and professional guidance in their development. This philosophy underlies everything we do at school. The task of the teacher in our classroom is more that of guide than that of instructor. This is why the teacher is normally called “directress”. His/her main function is to be a link between the child and the Prepared Environment, by means of which the child has the opportunity to develop his individual potentialities to the utmost.
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Ramona Klymko - Owner / Teaching Director Montessori Program

Ramona's first contact with the Montessori Method goes. back to the year 2000, when she was offered to teach the French language in a Montessori School, here in the United States. By that time she had acquired her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Languages (German and English) and had been teaching languages in Europe since 1987. Being in her first Montessori School, she suddenly discovered a new way of knowing, loving and teaching a child. She began to understand the importance of working more fully with the child's urge to learn and the importance of preparing the child, at this very young age, not for school but for life. Ramona successfully mastered the Montessori Diploma in February, 2002 and completed the approved Course of Study and Practical Training of the International Association of Progressive Montessori. Her inner discipline.and excellent. organizational skills made. room for more. Ramona went back to College and successfully completed the Infant and Toddler Program at UCI Montessori. She also completed the Program for the Administration of Schools for Young Children - Personnel, at Irvine Valley College. Ramona's strong belief in the Montessori Philosophy and Education together with her already acquired pedagogical experience and excellent educational background, made it possible to start her own Montessori Program under the name of "Robin Hood Montessori School". Ramona has recently been selected by the International Association of Progressive Montessori to train and become a Montessori Instructor for IAPM. Ramona is looking forward to becoming an instructor and continuing the legacy of IAPM.
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Katy Mirnezam– Teacher Montessori Program

Katy completed her BA in French at the Azad Islamic University in Teheran, Iran. Katy has completed her Montessori Training at the IAPM in 2005 and has ever since worked in a Montessori environment. Katy completed her Infant Training at the Saddleback College. Her strong organizational skills and passion for education made her relationship with Robin Hood a successful one for years. When not at school Katy spends a lot of time with her 2 boys and husband.

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Farnoosh Farasatmemar – Assistant Teacher Montessori Program

Farnoosh has a BA in Librarianship and MA in Geography. Farnoosh began her first contact with Montessori in 2013 as a volunteer. She was not sure whether she would enjoy this new method, yet she has fallen in love with it. Farnoosh loves working with children so very much that she continued her education in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys the opportunity of seeing all children grow each and every day.
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Neda Khatami – Assistant Teacher Montessori Program

Mrs. Neda Khatami has so much passion for working with the early childhood age group. She imaginatively uses resources to help youngsters learn. She received her BOA In German Translation and has many years’ experience of working in information technology and human resource management fields. Mrs. Khatami loves artistic painting as a hobby. She is currently studying in child development program at the Saddleback College. Over the last two years, she has been working for a non-profit organization called  Children’s Hope International Literacy & Development (Children’s Hope) supporting the  low-income children with limited resource and disabilities by providing them with health, education and other life essentials. She is also currently helping CHILD Organization as a part time volunteer. Mrs. Khatami is married and mother of 16 years old boy. Mrs. Khatami is excited to be part of the Montessori Program and build on her experience.    
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Malihe Davari - Teacher Infant / Toddler Program

Malihe brings not only many years of experience as a teacher for children up to 3 years but also her administrative expertise as an assistant principal in an elementary school in Iran, where she received her degree in science. Malihe obtained her Child Development Teacher permit as well as her Infant/Toddler Certification from Irvine Valley College. Malihe loves children very much, especially infants and toddlers and would like to dedicate her entire love and care to them during her time at Robin Hood. In her free time Malihe likes to spend time with her family; she enjoys baking, cooking and traveling as well as get together with her family friends.
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Cheree Karmann – Assistant Teacher Infant/Toddler Program

Cheree received her degree in Education from the Santa Monica College. Cheree enjoys working with children, especially our little ones. She finds it rewarding and loves being able to see the new things the children do, their accomplishments, and how
their minds work. Cheree has two children, Julian and Layla. When she is not at Robin Hood Cheree loves spending time with her family and children.
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Maryam Akhlaghi – Assistant Teacher Infant/Toddler Program

Although Maryam holds a BA in Law, her love and passion for children made her consider a career change and she is currently attending Saddleback College on several child development courses to compliment her dreams. She also worked for three years as a dental assistant. She is in awe of the wonder and excitement that the children possess and wants to work in a field that allows her to interact with them on a regular basis. Her favorite activity with the children is reading and singing songs. She believes all children are fantastic! She is amazed every day that such little people can have such big personalities!
In her free time, Maryam loves spending time with her family and simply being a mother to her wonderful son.  
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Bindu Nekkalapu – Assistant Teacher Infant/Toddler Program

Ms. Bindu holds an MBA in Human Resources and additionally completed her Early Childhood Education at the Irvine Valley College. Ms. Bindu would like to share with you that being a teacher has been her childhood dream. She is married and her daughter, Sri is a Robin Hood student. In her spare time, Ms. Bindu enjoys reading books, listening to music and spending time with both her children. Ms. Bindu is very much interested in the children’s brain development and the many ways that children learn. Being able to be a part of this educational process is one of her favorite aspects of Early Childhood Education. Ms. Bindu loves doing art projects, reading stories, building with blocks, singing rhymes with the children and encouraging them to be creative.
Ms. Bindu is looking forward to the opportunity to help children learn and grow at Robin Hood.
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Shahin Abitn – Assistant Teacher Infant/Toddler Program

Ms. Abitn was born and raised in Iran. After completing her secondary studies, she went to London to pursue her hobby of ceramic arts. She returned home and met her future husband. They came to California about 40 years ago and started a family. Ms. Abtin loves to spend time with her grandson whenever she can. Ms. Abtin obtained a certificate as a registered dental assistant as well as a certificate in child development. Ms. Abtin has extensive experience caring for infants and preschool children which she considers a joy. She loves her new position with Robin Hood Montessori School because she believes in the school’s methods and mission.
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Friedhelm Klymko - Owner / Administrator

Friedhelm worked in the Montessori School Field for over 10 years. He assisted the Office Manager and Director with administrative duties and tasks. Friedhelm was responsible for the record keeping and students' files and had permanent and strong relationship with the parents and children as well. His excellent experience in the administrative field made it possible to fully join his wife, Ramona, in the Robin Hood Montessori School as the Administrator of the School in 2005. Friedhelm loves being around children and engaging in many activities and games. In his free time Friedhelm is the passionate archer and archery trainer. He likes to participate in competitions all over the country and world.
Extra Curriculum Activities
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Lillian Garrison – Art Teacher

Ms. Lillian Gleason Garrison is the daughter of well known artist, Duncan Gleason. She received her training at USC with BFA and MFA, working with prominent artists, Francis de Erderly, Keith Crown and Merril Gage. She has taught art classes for adults and children in Palos Verdes Estates, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Mission Viejo and El Toro; state design for UCI, Palos Verdes College and children productions in Irvine.
Ms. Lillian’s Montessori teaching experience has been head teacher at Montessori School in Laguna Beach and Program Director for Montessori Teacher Training Institute IAPM.  
Ms. Lillian has had training in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and various other crafts. She enjoys bringing her art and teaching experience to Montessori students.
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Diana Castillo – Spanish Teacher

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Shortly after, moved to Maryland were I was introduced to English when only 6 months, at 4 went back to my homeland. At 17 as an exchange student returned to the U.S. to attend senior year at Hingham High School near Boston. After graduation I went on to receive a bachelor's degree in engineering and then a master's degree in marketing in Colombia. I have been back in the U.S. for the last 8 years.   I live with my husband and daughters, and I am very proud to raise them to be fluent in English and Spanish. As a family we love to spent time together; beach, movies, walks, long and short trips are some of the activities we like to do. I have been tutoring children with English as their first and second languages for 4 years in math, reading, and language and arts, as well as teaching Spanish in after school programs in different preschools. Now with my own business couldn't be more excited and proud to share my culture, language, and be part of the learning experience of many children.

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Sabrina Grioni - Cooking Class
Ms. Sabrina is a parent enrolled at Robin Hood Montessori School, yet her passion for cooking and children goes beyond her own home. We are welcoming her to teach our 5 year old children cooking and baking meals from around the world.

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