Robin Hood Montessori Art

"Choice, even in a small child, presupposes a long series of experiences." Dr. Maria Montessori

Both of our children have been in RHM, our son for about 2.5 years from when he was 3 and our daughter since she was 3 months old.  RHM has provided a safe, highly structured, clean environment for both children to grow, learn and gain amazing manners and skills that will last them forever.  Our son finished the kindergarten program last year and he is thriving in the first grade.  He was more than ready for the transition, excelling at reading, math, writing and communication. His ability to express himself and his strong confidence in school has been something that RHM has helped build for him. Our daughter is also thriving, now 3 she has great social skills, shows amazing kindness and friendship, is already learning her sounds and continues to build her strong vocabulary, a lot of which we attribute directly RHM.  Mrs. Klymko is an amazing educator for the kids and our family is very pleased to have had our children at RHM.

The Houldsworth Family
Robin Hood Montessori has proven to be the best choice we have ever made in regards to the education of our boys. Three years ago, we were faced with the challenge of finding an environment that nurtured two very different personalities and learning styles.  Our oldest needed to be challenged and have the ability to move at his own pace while our youngest needed the opportunity to use manipulatives and play in his learning.  We knew we needed a Montessori program, but which one?  After visiting over 15 Montessori programs between Irvine and San Clemente, Robin Hood Montessori provided the most genuine program.  Not only have the Klymko's and their staff developed a positive learning environment for our boys; they have provided an environment that was supportive of our own personal morals and values.  Our boys were encouraged to develop relationships based on respect, love and compassion.  This and the continuity between school and home allowed our boys to embrace Robin Hood staff as their extended family.  I have never doubted the abilities of the staff at Robin Hood and I continue to sing their praises to everyone I meet.  There are not enough words to express what the Klymkos have taught my boys and ourselves; they continue to be, and will always be, part of our family!

Liz & Shawn McGraw
It took my husband and I a very long time to find a right fit for our son and a place that we could trust teaching and caring for him as much as we would have. At one point this idea seemed impossible until we met Ramona and Friedhelm, the owners of the Robin Hood Montessori. This lovely couple and their ENTIRE staff are the most wonderful people I have ever met and we couldn’t be happier to leave our son with such trustworthy people and felt confident that every single one of them will give him the love needed for him not to miss his mommy and daddy.
When he was an infant Mrs. Hendessi cared for him as if he was her own son and every time I dropped him off I left with a peace of mind knowing my son is in great hands. Once he joined the toddler room, Mrs. Mirnezam, Ms. Cole, Mrs. Beall and Mrs. McCall continued doing the same and made sure my little one is well taken care of and was given tons of attention.
Now due to moving to a different state we unfortunately have so say good-bye to our Montessori family. It’s much needed to mention that throughout this process they’ve been nothing but supportive and made it so easy for us by being flexible and understanding and offering to help us find a right school for him…I call this a sincere and a genuine caring! I must say that one of the hardest part of this move is to take my son away from his favorite place and his favorite people.
There are so much more to say about how amazing this program and RHM have been but for the sake of time I’d just like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Klymko for the wonderful, neat and loving environment they’ve created and for hiring the most qualified staff to care for our children. I’ll always remember you and what you’ve done for my family and recommend RHM to everyone I know!

Bahareh and Brian Parvin
Enrolling our daughter in Robin Hood Montessori has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have made for our daughter. When she was just over 2 years old we decided that we wanted to put her into a school that would help her get ready for Kindergarten as well as provide a safe and controlled environment for her while we were at work. Robin Hood Montessori has gone way beyond our expectations.  Our daughter is well disciplined, has great social skills and is at least one grade level above most children her age. We watched in amazement while our daughter learned to read books, write stories, complete addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. My husband and I recommend Robin Hood Montessori to all of our friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances with small children. The Klymko’s are like family to us and will remain a part of our lives for many years to come.

Keith and Jennifer Gravley
Where do I being? About four years ago, we had just moved to Ladera Ranch and were looking for pre-school for my son. We were driving by and we saw ‘Enrolling Now’ sign outside Robin Hood Montessori. We didn’t know anything about Montessori schools, but we decided to go in check it out. What followed after that was truly amazing. We were impressed from the minute we walked in! The place was impeccably clean and we were amazed by the calm and peaceful environment. Everything was so very harmonious… there was classical music in the background and the children were quietly engaged in their work. It was the most surreal experience of our lives. Mrs. Klymko greeted with her genuine warm smile and we immediately felt her warmth and positivity. My son, Aabhi, who is usually very reserved around new people, started making eye contact with Mrs. Klymko and connecting with her. He was drawn to Mrs. Klymko from the very first moment. She spoke to him in a soft, caring and nurturing way. In our initial visit we spent over an hour getting to know Mrs. Klymko and learning about the philosophy behind Montessori schools. After this interaction, were convinced that this was the school for our son.
Aabhi made seamless transition in his new environment at Robin Hood, and everything went better than our expectations. In the beginning he was paired with an older classmate so he always had a mentor helping him. Mrs. Klymko gave him a sense of security so he could start his learning in a warm, nurturing environment. Through her guidance and structured activities, we have seen Aabhi blossom into this caring, brilliant, respectful, responsible, inquisitive young boy. The work in the classroom has taught him important life skills and built his curiosity and confidence.
Mrs. Klymko’s genuine affection and concern for the children make Robin Hood a home away from home. When I drop off Aabhi to school, I always have a peace of mind knowing that he will be in good hands. All of the teachers at Robin Hood are truly exceptional! They treat Aabhi as if he is their own child. It is rare to find a school that has it all, but Robin Hood is it!!! We feel very fortunate to have had found this magnificent school. We highly recommend Robin Hood to anyone who would like the best for their children. Our time has gone by very fast and we find it hard to say goodbye. We will be always so grateful that our roots are with Robin Hood Montessori. Thank you again, Mrs. Klymko and all of the teachers, for everything you do, everyday for all your children!

Avani & Pritesh Patel
There comes a time in every parent’s life where they know the last child born is truly the last child born. And you desperately try to keep that last one your “baby”. The transition events (out of the basinet, into the crib, out of the crawl and into the walk, first word, first step) are just as exciting as the last but, in a way,  a little devastating. You realize you will never see another child of yours experience those things. There’s a sense of loss. So sometimes the parent needs a gentle shove, a reminder that it’s okay for that last one to grow, to experience, to learn. And so there are no set of softer hands, no set of more nimble fingers, no more welcoming, warm and open palms then those at Robin Hood Montessori. As we clung to that last vestige of our “baby”, so RHM stood ready to make it all better, to teach him new things, show him a world outside what we could ever show him, show US that it is okay for him to grow, to learn, to spread his wings. And so with this we thank RHM, its teachers, its owners, Ramona and Friedhelm Klymko for being as dedicated, if not more so, with our third child as they were with our first two. If there is ever a more indelible mark that one can leave on a child’s life, on his or her parents’ life, we know of none. We are eternally indebted. Thank you.

The Colby Family
It is difficult for us to adequately express our appreciation for what you have done for our grandchildren, Ramona. The growth they experienced emotionally, intellectually and in their maturity under your guidance has been beyond all expectations. All of this has been accomplished by exposing them to the correct balance of discipline, combined with love and affection that all the kids obviously feel and react positively to. What a wonderful gift you have and are willing to share with your students, their parents and their grandparents. We will forever be in your debt and will think of you as our 3 grandchildren continue to grow and blossom into mature adults Your nurturing influence during an extremely critical time in their lives supplied them with an early foundation that is priceless. Thank you for everything!

Marti and Mike Colby
When it came to identifying the perfect pre-school for our daughter, we kissed a number of frogs before we were fortunate to discover Robin Hood Montessori (RHM).  We had two hard requirements for pre-school: (1) Provide an open social environment for our daughter to grow and flourish to develop and strengthen positive social interactions with her peers and (2) Provide a challenging learning environment to guide our daughter through her early learning years and help develop her growing brain.  The pre-school age for children is critical as these years lay the foundation for emotional, social and intellectual development for years to come.  She has not only developed as an intellect but also as a humanitarian.  Robin Hood’s nurturing and worldwide approach to education has helped mold our daughter into a loving yet inspirational little voice that inspires us and makes us look forward to the future generations to come. Through word of mouth, we found our way to RHM.  Right off the bat it became clear to us, that we had found the right place that would allow our daughter to blossom.  It is always a difficult transition into preschool for both child and parent.  As parents, we want to know that we are entrusting our children to a loving and safe environment that will allow them to grow and learn in every way possible.  As parents, we look for an extension of ourselves in the pre-school to guide our children the right way.  RHM offers a caring yet structured environment that has given our daughter the basic building blocks to be successful for the remainder of the duration of her educational career.  RHM’s curriculum offers a dynamic perspective of the community and world that our children are a part of.  The people that make up the staff of RHM are what separate RHM from other Montessori schools by providing the proper level of empathy and attention to each child to allow them to develop to the best of their ability at their own pace. Now that our daughter’s time at RHM has come to an end, we can say with the utmost certainty that RHM met and exceeded our expectations for pre-school.  We are saddened that she will no longer get to enjoy and benefit from all that RHM has to offer on a daily basis.  But we leave feeling very confident that our daughter is ready to tackle the challenges of elementary school and beyond.  We are very proud of the person who she has grown into with guidance and love that RHM has provided.
We feel very blessed that RHM has now become a permanent part of our family.

The Nash Family

One of the best thing that has happened to us was finding Ramona at Robin Hood Montessori for our daughter, Tuva-Helene.  It is not easy for us to trust anyone, even a teacher, because she is extremely shy and our only precious child. Needless to say we are very over protective. But, Ramona changed all that for us.  From the first time Tuva met her she sensed the love, kindness and respect that Ramona and her wonderful staff has for all her students.  Under her patient tutelage, Tuva not only excelled in academic growth and development beyond our expectations, she also learned about respect, manners, compassion and the importance of being a good person. We are confident the lessons learned at Robin Hood Montessori will provide the springboard for success for Tuva.  I would recommend Robin Hood Montessori to anyone that wants the absolute best for their child in a safe, secure, loving, caring and patient surrounding. Thank you Ramona and Robin Hood! You changed all our lives! 

Jean and Espen Kateraas

My son Sam, 4, has just completed wondrous years at Robin Hood Montessori. Between the attentive and caring staff, excellent learning opportunities in the classrooms, and the terrific families, we have had an enjoyable and extremely positive experience. Sam entered the school feeling shy, but now has built up a great deal of confidence after making so many friends and learning so many things. At Robin Hood, children learn valuable life skills such as kindness, responsibility, respect, and integrity. They are also well prepared for the academic rigors of elementary school. We are sad to leave Robin Hood, but happy that Sam is ready to take on his next challenge. Thank you so much to Ramona and Friedhelm Klymko and their wonderful staff!

The Katz Family

We believe that it was our good fortune to have found Robin Hood Montessori. We have searched through various Montessori schools and have found testimonials like this one helpful in our final selection. Until you have experience with a school, you never really know if it is right for your child and you rarely get a second chance. Ramona and her staff have earned our trust and Robin Hood was the right choice for our son. Robin Hood provides a clean and nurturing environment to give our son a solid foundation for learning.
We believe that at Robin Hood, our son has learned everything from basic motor skills development to a solid foundation for the development of reading skills. Our son had many opportunities to learn in the subjects of art, music, geography, astronomy, science, math, reading and so on. He was also taught important leadership skills that will help him greatly in life. There is no greater testimonial that we can give other than that we would trust Robin Hood with the education of our son all over again.

George and Cathy Tsai

2 ½  years ago my wife Heidi and I searched for a preschool for our daughter Lilly who had just turned 3. We met with Ramona and Friedhelm at Robin Hood Montessori and we where immediately impressed with the cleanliness and organized manor in which they ran their school. Now our daughter is 51/2 years old and Ramona, Friedhelm and the entire staff seem as if they are part of our family. Our daughter is reading and writing well beyond our expectations. My wife and I feel very lucky that our daughter’s first experiences in learning came from such a loving environment that Robin Hood has provided. Thanks Robin Hood you will forever have a place in our families hearts.

Michael & Heidi Marrin

We are so lucky and blessed to have had the Klymkos and Robin Hood Montessori come into our lives.  Our son attended the Montessori school before the Klymkos took over and since then, the difference has been night and day. Over the last couple of years, they have transformed the school into a safe, warm, bright and clean environment where the children come first. The staff is attentive to the needs of each child and the children are taught with love, respect and discipline.  One of my fondest memories will always be of walking into the classroom with twenty pre-schoolers sitting quietly in a circle and their attention focused on Ramona as she went over the day's lesson.  Simply amazing!!  I still do not know how she does it!!  The transformation did not end there. Our son has become a more confident, polite and caring boy who is eager to be a "good role model" for the other children in school and at home.  Academically, he has grown tremendously under Ramona's watchful eye, developing his curiosity and willingness to learn.  The curriculum is well rounded, allowing the children to build on their strengths and working on their weaknesses with gentle guidance from the teaching staff. Leaving Robin Hood Montessori was a sad and difficult decision to make, but with Ramona's support and assurance, we are excited that our son will move on to his next school with confidence and a strong learning foundation that could only come from Robin Hood Montessori. 
Thank you Ramona, Friedhelm and all of the staff at Robin Hood Montessori, we will always cherish the days we spent with you!

Ken, Tomi & Korbin Francisco

Our son Skyler has attended Robin Hood Montessori for the last two years and we could not be more pleased with the education and life skills he has acquired.   My son has been nurtured both academically and emotionally while he attended Robin Hood Montessori.  I have been impressed with the gentle love and kindness of the staff.  I also admire Ramona’s passion for teaching and her meticulous attention to details. I feel very privileged that Skyler has had the opportunity to be part of this amazing school. I recommend this school because it goes above and beyond.

Janiva and Richard Corcuera

We only wish that Robin Hood could expand through high school... We are so grateful to have found Robin Hood for our daughter's education and know that she has received a solid academic foundation on which the coming educational years will be built.  Most importantly, she was also loved and cared for and cherished as a person, which was always reflected by the joy with which she attended school all three years she was here.  We are so happy to say that our new baby boy will also be a Robin Hood Montessori student.

Claudia and Manuel Del Valle

Prior to choosing to work with Ramona, we visited and researched eight other local Montessori schools. Our daughter is now completing her third year under the Klymko tutelage, and her academic growth and development have been nothing short of remarkable; vastly exceeding our expectations of where we thought our five year old would be when she began kindergarten. But for us, that is only part of the story. In addition to the strong academic focus, Robin Hood Montessori offered our daughter so much more. Every month the children had a new master artist to study, a role model to learn from, a composer to listen to, a continent to discover and many many other programs that developed the whole person, something we saw at no other school we visited. Ramona has that rare combination of qualities of truly caring for the children while at the same time demanding excellence without pressure, and, perhaps most importantly, at their own pace. Every child is nurtured to develop their full potential in numerous areas, from gross and fine motor skills, to awareness and respect for the world around them, to manners and compassionate values in a non-religious environment. Ramona is very passionate about teaching and developing young minds, and the results speak for themselves. The true test at the end of the day for any parent is, all things being equal, did we make the right decision and would we do this again in hindsight. For us the answer is an unequivocal yes. Our only regret is that the school does not go through grade twelve.

Ole and Michele Nielsen, Laguna Beach

As parents of a 5 years old daughter and 3 ½ years old son, one of the luckiest turn of events was finding Ramona Klymko to nurture and teach our children once they started school.  One of the best decisions we made for our kids was following Ramona when she and Friedhelm decided to open Robin Hood Montessori School.  Having looked at many schools in the area, the love, compassion, and healthy environment that exists at Robin Hood doesn’t compare.  Ramona’s tireless dedication to each and every student demonstrates her commitment to excellence and personal pledge to each and every parent that entrusts her with our children. Our children love their school, love to learn, love their friends and love their teachers.  We know there is no better place for our children than Robin Hood Montessori School.  Any parent interested in providing the best possible environment for their children to learn and grow must consider Robin Hood Montessori School.  

Callie and Mike Wray, Laguna Niguel

As a parent, you strive to teach your children the virtues you believe will serve them best in life such as strength, discipline, intelligence, tolerance, compassion and understanding. If we are lucky, our children will be involved in cutting the path for the next generation. The Montessori system in general, and Robin Hood Montessori specifically, provide the building blocks and tools necessary for our children to become good students, but more importantly, good people. We are comforted with the knowledge that Ramona and Friedhelm treat our children with respect, patience and love. With tenacious determination, Ramona refuses to let any child lose his or her way. Her passion and attention show with each new letter, with each new sound, with each new problem solved. We are confident the lessons learned will provide the springboard for success. Thank you Ramona and Friedhelm!

Yvette and Deron Colby

We are the parents of twin girls (now almost 4). We first met Ramona Klymko when we began our girls' Montessori education as they turned 2-1/2. Our daughters have blossomed with Ramona's direction and expertise in so many ways: confidence, speech, academics, artistry and awareness of our world. Ramona teaches with a big heart, and a gentle manner, but always with authority (which we think is important - the children respect her - and she respects each child). She understands each student's level and strives to develop their strengths and character with a nurturing approach. We have complete trust in her methods and her teaching environment, which encompasses safety, incredible tidiness, organization and comfort. She and her husband, Friedhelm, have done an amazing job of starting this wonderful school and providing the best Montessori materials (and best teacher!) and we feel extremely blessed that our children will benefit for a lifetime!

Donna and Paul Pfanner

My daughter Carmella has been learning with Mrs. Klymko since she was just two and a half years old. She was very shy and was afraid for me to leave her. I, of course, was sad to see my baby getting so upset, but every morning Ramona would hold and comfort her all, while not losing concentration for the rest of her class. That was how Ramona first amazed me. Then I was able to watch over time her compassion not just for the children, but the families of her children. Carmella was truly having a wonderful time and learning skills that will last her a lifetime. All with genuine love and care. Ramona and Friedhelm are two of the most ambitious, hardworking, wonderful and kind people you would ever be so lucky to meet. Keeping within the traditional Montessori teaching, Ramona's progressive style is outstanding. I always know Carmella is learning new things, in a fun and productive way. She is four now and has grown in leaps and bounds. I know that this is in part from her teacher.  We will always be grateful to the Klymkos for the hard work, love, and friendship.

Stephanie Shaffer

I asked Remy what he thought of you and he told me, "I love her. She is my Favorite". As a parent, no other words could ring louder than those. A sense of peace and security. You are a true inspiration for all the children you touched. We are blessed with being able to be in your presence and have you give your "whole" self to my little Remy. Jim and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Much love,

The Mackels

My children, Kieran and Connor first worked with Miss Ramona and Mr. Friedhelm in preschool. Not only did they learn much from Ramona, they LOVED learning! When one of my children began to struggle with reading in the public school a few years later, I brought them back to work with her. Her rigor, consistent discipline, and absolute love for children and learning enabled my son to get back on track. His confidence has improved dramatically, and I've never been more thrilled. If all educators were as good as Miss Ramona, all the world's children would be lovers of learning, of humanity, and of life."

Tara Sayre

Ramona Klymko ran a warm, nurturing, hospitable and well-organized Montessori classroom for our then four-year old daughter, Sylvana.  As a teacher, Ramona is very perceptive of each child's needs and potentials.  Sylvana needed to stop looking to other children for her cues and become more independent.  Also, she is very talkative and was interested in things like science and math, so that she sometimes had difficulty connecting with others.  Ramona stepped right in and smoothed things over socially so that Sylvana became a leader and, academically, she recognized her potential and pushed her in reading and math which greatly helped her self-confidence.  Sylvana received all of this attention and yet in talking with other parents, we realized that each and every other child in that classroom was receiving the same level of individual attention.  At the same time, the class was well structured and organized with a progressive curriculum.  Do not mistake superior organization for rigidity, since Ramona proved to be remarkably flexible.  All in all we highly recommend her.  

Rina Palumbo, PhD. and Michael Schaffer, PhD. 

When my son began at the Laguna Beach Montessori School I was nervous.  Zack is a high energy child who is full of life and joy.  However, his tantrums were also, shall we say, spirited.  Mrs Klymko assured me that she was ready and willing to accept the challenge of my soon-to-be three year old.  My concern was completely unfounded.  Not only did Zack thrive in this structured and loving environment, but Mrs. Kymko's patience, professionalism, no nonsense style, and adoration for the children nourished his little soul.  Because of her guidance, Zack became a perfect poster child, walking with hands behind his back, singing songs in different languages, and relating stories about the monthly role models (such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Vincent Van Gogh). Mrs. Klymko is full of love and warmth and has a teaching style that embraces and consumes the children.  Although Mrs. Klymko is no longer Zack's teacher, he speaks of her often and with fond memories. 

John and Winter Bonin

Ramona Klymko is a splendid teacher and we appreciate her enthusiasm. Mrs. Klymko has looked for our little Josie in her short time at Montessori. Thank you for being so warm and making her feel so secure and comfortable. We will refer to you often!

Maryane and Gavin Larkin 

Everything we value and want our children to possess is seamlessly imparted to the children. At the end of the school year they come not only with academic success but also with an appreciation for books, good comprehension and manners, awareness of eating healthy good and an excellent vocabulary. We drove 40 minutes so that our daughter would continue to get the quality education at Robin Hood Montessori School. I have volunteered and observed Mrs. Klymko at work. She is very passionate about reading. Her instructions and presentations are very clear. She is very knowledgeable about the topics that she covers. I volunteered to teach children yoga. Before handing over the children, Mrs. Klymko gave an introduction to yoga and she conveyed big concepts in such a simple, child friendly way ant topped them with a song.

Raj Packiam and Sendhivel Anandhajothi

We just wanted to show our appreciation to Ms. Ramona. She has done so much for the children and especially for our Joseph. Ms. Ramona is kind and loving always. We will make sure that he always remembers her and how much time she devoted to caring and teaching him. I'm sure it's not always easy being a teacher especially when you have a challenging one like Joseph. But Ms. Ramona has done her job so well and she always looks like she is enjoying her work. Thank you again for everything you've done for Joseph. You are special to us and Joseph.

David and Bobbie Katrowski

Our son started RHM when he was 21 months old … we loved this school! All the RHM teachers are very kind, creative & loving! They are very patient, supportive & encouraging to the children and you can really tell that they love what they do. There is a great balance between learning traditional school lessons (reading, writing, math...) and important life skills such as manners, respect, being on time, making friends, and it's all taught in a kind and loving way.  

The Mody Family